Wordfilter is a palace server plugin which allows member and guest input to be scanned for forbidden words. The input scanned includes, normal chat, whispers, room messages, global messages, screen names, and room names. If a forbidden word is found, the user's input is suppressed. In addition, optional messages are sent to the server log, and to the logged on wizards.
The GateKeeper plugin allows you to specifically authorize certain clients by way of their PUID code for Owner and Administrator access. What this means is that if anyone shares your passwords with an unauthorized person(s) they will not be able to get access unless 'blessed' (authorized) by you.

Do not concern yourself with the Setup section as that has already been taken care of by me. If you do elect to use this REMEMBER to bless yourself immediately after logging in with `gatekeeper bless or you won't be able to god/wiz up.

Require PUID
This plugin requires a valid PUID for any Palace Client to connect to your site. A PUID is an identifier for Palace. New Palace clients and TPV automatically send their PUID. This plugin prohibits mainly older and 'hacked' clients from connecting. It is started automatically and no administration is required by the site owner. More Information is available at

If you would like one or both of these send email to

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Palace Server Plugins has made two server side plugins available to our customers. These are being offered to existing customers free of charge.
Periwinkle and XSIA Palace Server Plugins for Linux/FreeBSD