Terms of Service

All artwork content and site policies are the responsibility of the payee. All legal liability of site content is the responsibility of the payee. Payment of funds to us for host services represents acceptance of these terms. XSIA will attempt to remedy through customary channels any backbone ( network and connectivity issues but is not responsible or liable for lack of service due to NAP down periods and other peering problems. This contract is monthly and maybe terminated at the request either XSIA or the payor upon 10 days notice served at the email address of record for both parties. Upon notice from XSIA we will refund any prepaid fees for host services except for abuse of service . Use of your account for purposes unrelated to your Palace host is prohibited. Any logged evidence of "Pounding", DoS or similar use will result in cancellation of the account and forfeiture of any prepaid fees. You agree to the terms of the Palace Server License Agreement. Terms: 10 days from 1st of service month.

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