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Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't find my log files.Where do my picture and sound files go? - Your new palace directory structure is PS/PALACE. There you will see directories for LOGS, MEDIA, and PSDATA. Gif/Jpg and sound files are in the MEDIA directory. Logs are in the LOG directory and also available for viewing from the web. Your server PAT (Palace Authoring Tool or ROOMS) file is in PSDATA directory.

How do I view my log files from the web? - Contact me for your personal web directory location.

What is my PAT file name? - The current PAT file in use by the server is defined in pserver.prefs. Simply type `roomsfile in god/operator mode for the file in use. The installed default file name is pserver.pat.

How do I change a PAT file? - The easiest and SAFEST way to change PAT files is to create and upload the PAT file you want to use with a new name such as new_server.pat.
Then type `roomsfile psdata/new_server.pat in god/operator mode.
The psdata directory MUST appear in this line or the server will not reload.
Issue a `shutdown command and let the server reload.
The server will check to see if the Palace is running every 30 minute period and reload if necessary.
If you would rather take 'command' and restart manually follow the instructions below.

How do I restart my Palace? - The best way to do this, if your server is shut down, open up Telnet , log in with the same user name and password as your ftp, and type : restart_palace. Type 'exit' to quit. If you note any messages from your Telnet session or the server does not restart contact the hostmaster.

Many of my rooms are gone after my server restarted. I see them in my PAT file but not in the room list. How do I fix this?
The ugly culprit in this type of behavior is
1) a corrupt section of data in the last room preceding the rooms that don't appear in the room list or
2) a section of Iptscrae code that has unbalanced brackets {} or other odd characters (garbage) in it.
My personal advise to this problem is to delete the room. If that does not work then trying to upload a new PAT file from a backup using the directions on changing PAT files. If that fails you will have to find the errant code manually with a text editor. Assistance is available at an added cost to all XSIA customers.
We have three words for all of our customers: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.

Ok Ok, I'll backup my PAT file. How do I do that and how often should I?
The server makes a copy of the pserver.pat file each night at 12am pacific. That is the only backup of your PAT file that is made on our server. We aren't a storage facility and if we did this it would wind up costing the customer in the long run. The other important reasoning behind this is that YOU know when extensive changes/authoring is being done to your site, not us.

In order to afford you the maximum protection download a copy of your pserver.pat file and store it in a folder on your hard drive with a unique file name. If you are fearful of loosing a few hours work, then make downloads every few hours between heavy authoring and save them as different file names.

What is a CRONTAB? I've heard that it checks to see that my server is running. How does it work?
A CRON is Unix speak for a process that is executed at different times of the day. The CRON that monitors your Palace server checks each half hour to see if it is running. If it isn't it makes an attempt to reload it. Typically your server should never shut down abnormally. Power outages are the exception, though those are rare. You can get the exact server time if trying to coordinate upload efforts by Telnet and typing 'date' at the Telnet prompt.

What is `purgeprops and `flushprops and when should I use this to maintain my server prop file?
`Purgeprops is an old command and not worth noting here. `Flushprops is the main prop maintenance command. The default `flushprops command ERASES all props/avatars that the server HAS NOT seen or SHOWN to a member/guest in 14 days.

If you have avatar rooms and want to make sure you don't lose any of them then go through each room and click the 'next' button so that each prop is shown to your client. You need not have them in your prop bag ; you only need the client to 'see' them <'see' meaning you see the avatar in your palace software>. After Flushing simply click through them again and any props that weren't shown in a 14 day period and were deleted are sent to the server.

Another way to protect your avatars and not be bothered by this backing up process is to extend the flush period by a month or more. Use `flushprops 30 to delete those props that have not been seen in a month.

I know where the checkbox is to lock a palace room...i just can't get it to stay locked.. what should I do?
Assuming you are on a Windows client, and all the check boxes (Private, No User Scripts, No Guests, No Painting, Hidden) are un-checked, then use the following procedure:

(1) Check one of those boxes and click "OK" to the Room Info dialog.
(2) Open the dialog again and click "Lock" and enter the lock password.
(3) Un-check the box you checked and click "OK".
(4) Leave and re-enter the room and verify that the room is still locked.

How do I access a list of god and wiz commands for the server?
Just get into god mode and type `help every command will be in your chat log
window and can be copied into a document for printing etc